The Spring-connected Rigid Block Model Based Automatic Synthesis of Planar Linkage Mechanisms: Numerical Issues and Remedies

Author(s): Sang Jun Nam, Gang-Won Jang, Yoon Young Kim,
Volume: 134(5) - May, 2012

Because it is difficult to select in advance appropriate types of linkage for converting an input motion to a desired output motion, a method to find a type of mechanism and dimensions without using any baseline linkage will be very useful. Motivated by this, an optimization-based synthesis has been proposed, which employs a unified planar linkage model consisting of rigid blocks connected by stiffness-varying zero-length springs. The potential of the synthesis method was tested with simple benchmark problems. The main motivation of this study is to expand the method for synthesizing more complex linkage mechanisms such as those that make closed loops. When the earlier method was directly used for closed loop problems, it encountered numerical difficulties and failed to find desired mechanisms. In this investigation, the difficulties are pinpointed with suggestions to alleviate them including an alternative synthesis formulation. The effectiveness of the suggested formulation is tested by several synthesis problems including the synthesis of mechanisms generating closed paths.


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