Contact Stress and Root Stress Analyses of Thin-Rimmed Spur Gears with Inclined Webs

Author(s): Shuting LI,
Volume: 134(5) - May, 2012

Loaded tooth contact analysis, deformation and stress calculations of three kinds of thin-rimmed spur gears with inclined webs at the left side, at the center and at the right side of the tooth respectively are conducted in this paper by using finite element methods (FEM) combined with the mathematical programming method when these gears are engaged with a solid mating gear. Contact stresses on tooth surfaces, bending stresses at the tooth roots and joint stresses of the rim and web are analyzed as the web position and web angle are changed. It was found that web position and web angle of the thin-rimmed gears exert great effects on tooth contact stresses, root bending stresses and joint stresses. The maximum contact stress of the right web gear becomes the very small when the web is inclined from 0 to 30 degrees and then it increases again when the web angles are changed from 45 to 60 degrees. This interesting relationship of the thin-rimmed right inclined web gears between the web angle and the tooth contact stresses is used to absorb misalignment errors of gears and improve partial tooth contact pattern resulting from the misalignment errors. A calculation example is given to show how to improve partial tooth contact patterns for the gears with misalignment errors.

Key Words :Thin-rimmed Gear, Inclined Web, Contact Analysis, Stress Analysis, Finite element method

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