Compliant Cardan Universal Joint

Author(s): Engin Tanik, Volkan Parlakta,

In this study, a compliant version of the Cardan universal joint is introduced. The original design consists of two identical parts assembled at right angle with respect to each other. The single piece part can be produced from planar materials, thus it has the advantage of easiness in manufacturing. Dimensions of the mechanism are devised in order to satisfy the Cardan joint theory and to avoid an undesired contact between the identical parts. As a design example, a mechanism is dimensioned. Resultant stresses at flexural hinges of this sample are determined via finite element analysis method and torque transmission capability of this mechanism is determined. Further, this sample is manufactured and operated under a considerable output loading. Therefore, robustness of the compliant Cardan joint is verified with this prototype. As well, it is verified that the results of experiments are consistent with the theoretical approaches.


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